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Ishtaq: The Second Vial


After decades of peaceful research aboard a secret alien spacecraft buried within the Antarctic permafrost, a team of scientists inadvertently release a long dormant and insidious alien organism.  

As the entity replicates various members of the crew through a violent and destructive assimilation process, the survivors must fight their fear and paranoia to not only save themselves but prevent a global catastrophe by stopping a scientific team from a rival site from shipping a sample of the organism to the Asian mainland.

The story behind Ishtaq

I originally wanted to write Ishtaq to be a sequel to John Carpenter's 'The Thing', starring Kurt Russell and released in the early 1980's.  My sons and I have long felt that this was a movie that needed a sequel and have discussed various story lines during the last 20 years or so.  

However, I was forced to reconstruct my story when Universal Studios denied me the copyright privileges (after 9 months of haggling with them). So I modified the story to make it my own, hired a copyright lawyer (just to be sure), and published the book in January 2017.  Interestingly, 3 months AFTER I began writing my book, Universal came out with a PREQUEL, explaining what happened at the Norwegian site before the creature made it to Thule Station.

I always felt like the organism in the original movie could not have been the original builder/operator of the spacecraft that crashed so long ago.  It was just too primitive.  Consequently, (spoiler alert) I introduced a superior alien creature (the Shem) and made the replicating organism an unintended offshoot that threatened the survival of both mankind and Shemkind.  Now, each character, man or Shem, faced uncertainty among their own kind while also having to deal with a completely unknown alien species. My intent was to take the paranoia to a whole new level.  I hope I have succeeded.

Langstadt Station Site Map

(A site map of Langstadt Station in presently under construction - stay tuned!)

Fallen - The Trilogy

Maya lives at the holy site of Puma Punku, at the southern end of Lake Titicaca, at a time when the gods walked the earth among men.  He witnessed the construction and operation of the pyramids and other megalithic sites.  His family belonged to the privileged class, those working in direct service to the gods, and he enjoyed a rich, comfortable life.  

But an unexpected fall from grace takes all that away, leaving him and whats left of his family to serve in harsh bondage.  As he toils under the harsh brutality of his oppressors, Mayta gets an unexpected  glimpse of who and what the gods really are and develops a plan to destroy them and their heinous giant offspring while freeing his people, who remain blissfully unaware of the fact that they, too, are slaves.

Ten thousand years later, Kenneth Ortlieb earns his Doctorate in Archeology and eagerly begins his first real field work.  As he discovers the clues left behind by Mayta  ten millennia ago - clues that contradict conventional scientific wisdom - he begins to understand that much of what he has been taught about human history is simply not true.  

As the lies mount, he is forced to make a difficult choice between living with certain professional exile for exposing the untruths for what they are or remaining silent for the sake of his career and the woman he loves.

As Ken struggles with inner conflict, he finds his fate intrinsically linked to the decisions of a young man who lived thousands of years before his own time.

The story behind 'Fallen'

(under development - please stay tuned!)